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Inginius Tailored Tonic

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The views in this review are our own opinion and have not been influenced by anyone at TAILORED TONIC.

So, this week we were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the award-winning Inginius Tailored Tonic to review. Now, we’ve had their tonic before from our ilovegin subscription, but due to an issue with their batch, we could not post a review of it on our Instagram account. However the guys over at Tailored Tonic were quick to put that right and sent us over some bottles of their Citrus Sweet and Classic tonic to try.

Launching in early 2017, in partnership with John Gordon’s gin bar, Cheltenham based Tailored Tonic developed two tonic's which were specifically designed to pair with dry and sweet gin's. Their mixers are hand crafted by carefully soaking the citrus peels, before mixing with the finest natural ingredients, and like many artisan gins, they are also made in small batches . Since their launch they have been making big head-waves in the mixers sector where they’ve seen early success, picking up awards at this year’s Great Taste awards where they were awarded an impressive two stars for their Classic tonic, and with their Citrus Sweet flavour picking up one star.


Their Classic tonic was created to go with your typical London Dry gin. They've used less sugar and quinine with the aim of allowing the flavour from the gin's botanicals to come through. We tried two different options with their Classic tonic – we used Hayman's London Dry Gin and also Elephant Gin. We're BIG fans of Elephant Gin at The Gin Bandits HQ, but we felt the Haymans Gin worked better with the Classic tonic.

Citrus Sweet

Their Citrus Sweet is designed to complement sweeter, citrus or floral gins and is created in a similar way to their classic tonic, however they use less quinine, additional citrus and botanical extracts (but no more sugar than their Classic tonic). Our choice of gin for this review was Tarquin's Rhubarb and Raspberry and another from Haymans, but this time we used their sweeter, slightly stronger Old Tom Gin. Both worked really well with this tonic and we think it would also go well with some of the Navy Strength gins out there.

Overall, we liked Tailored Tonic and will definitely be buying it again. We really enjoyed the Citrus Sweet version, especially with the Tarquin's gin. We've been trying to find a mixer that isn't Ginger Ale to go with their Rhubarb and Raspberry gin, and we think this is the best we've found. Mr Bandit is a dry G&T guy and again he enjoyed the Classic tonic with the Hayman's London Dry.

Let us know your experience and thoughts about Tailored Tonic, and if you want to try it for yourselves, a number of retailers are listed here.

Happy Ginning

The Gin Bandits.



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