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Building the Gin Bandits HQ

So back in September 2017, we decided to upgrade our garden and build an outhouse. After about 5 minutes of deliberation, it was unanimously agreed that the outhouse would be a bar, but not any bar........a gin bar.

Work started in October and was completed 2 weeks later in November. The above picture was the bar back in Feb this year, but we now have a lot more gin and will be having a move around with the current shelving situation over the next couple of weeks. Take a look below at how the build took shape.

Day 1. This was the frame for the concrete base we laid, the measurements were 6 x 4 metres squared

Day 2 we had the concrete pumped into the base, which at the time seemed so exciting......boring i know.

But the kids loved it as much as us.

Day 3 was exciting as the floor and walls started to go up.

Roll forward to Day 6 (we lost the pictures), things started to take shape, the roof was on and the holes for the doors ready.

Day 7 was the last day we were able to document any progress as we flew off on holiday, but they had managed to felt the roof and insulate the walls.

Day 14. We returned home to our beautiful outhouse complete, fully cladded in Hardiplank, plastered inside with electrics wired. Up steps Mr Bandit to finish the inside.

All the walls coated with 3 coats of Matt Emulsion.

Grey Laminate flooring laid during a Friday night on the gin.

Mr Bandit's plans for the bar counter. We were originally getting this made, but our budget was tight at this point so we gave it a go ourselves.

The bar frame taking shape.

We used tongue and groove panelling on the front of the bar.

And then moved the beast of a fridge into the structure.

The structure and bar top are now all secured.

We then built the little structure around the wine fridge and started planning the penny top.

We painted the panels in Farrow and Ball paint, and the top in a black acrylic paint.

And then pestered everyone we knew for pennies. You'd be surprised how hard it was to get pennies from a bank in large quantities. In the end, Metro Bank helped by changing up 7000 pennies for us.

Mrs Bandit then took over and glazed the pennies with an e-poxy resin.

On the 18th November, the Gin Bandits HQ was officially open.......Hoooooorayyyyyyyyy.

Sorry if that was a bit boring, we wanted to give you an insight of the bar. We promise the next posts will be about Gin.............until we get our new shelving :)



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