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Bimber - Da Hong Pao Tea Gin

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The views in this review has not been influenced by anyone at Bimber Distillery. They are all our own views and we have not been paid for this post.

Bimber Distillery have produced an absolutely cracking gin for their latest release coming out of the London based distillery in Acton.

Bottled in an old pharmacy style bottle at an impressive ABV of 51.8%, Bimbers Da Hong Pao is really something to look forward to. Apart from using one of the most expensive teas in the world, they’ve kept things quite simple with their recipe using 4 classic botanicals which includes a good amount of juniper, coriander, angelica, and orris root. These are infused with Oolong tea leaves for one week to maximise on the flavour before being filtered and bottled up.

Despite the high ABV, this gin is very smooth and easy to drink. There’s an initial sweetness which is quickly followed with a punchy, earthy juniper. When mixed with tonic (we used @merchantsheart tonic water) this brings out the tea with a floral sweetness, however you still get a slight earthiness to the gin. We didn’t use any garnish as the flavours are quite prominent, but this G&T easily takes you to your happy place . Another variation we tried is with Merchants Heart Ginger Ale. For us, we preferred it as a classic G&T and that’s purely to do with the Ginger Ale overpowering the flavours in this great gin (if you’re fan of ginger ale and gin, this could be up your street) . Keep your eyes peeled as Bimber's Da Hong Pao will be available on the Whiskey Exchange and Masters of Malt very soon and it is 100% worth the wait🍸

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